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Dolcetto: Sweet Little One

Andrea Bosco aka Easy Winemaker

Andrea Bosco of Bosco Agostino is a pretty cool dude who makes bitchin’ Barolo. He also makes this 2017 Dolcetto D’Alba Vantrin - a wine that impressed me as much as anything else I tasted in Italy.

Here’s why: Dolcetto is what the Piedmontese drink most often. You can buy uninteresting, mass-produced versions here for under $5. Most of the grapes for Bosco's come from vineyards planted 50 years ago.

The magic of his Dolcetto is that he gives us an interesting, delicious and distinct wine that remains true to what it is...a pleasing, approachable everyday drink you can pop on a Tuesday night with pizza without any advanced preparation.

I enjoy variety too much to ever have a house wine. But if I did, this would be a leading candidate for house red. Trust me, this is wonderful and a great price. 

Andrea, like his Docetto, is a dichotomy. He is charming and friendly with a smile that never ends. Yet, he is serious and intense about his craft. All of his wines are such pure expressions of their grapes and vineyards. His production is tiny.

We are proud to offer both of his Barolo. The 2014 La Serra is, for me, the epitome of Barolo. If you've never tasted one, try this and you will understand.

The 2013 Neirane is from the commune of Verduno, known for producing some of the most delicate wines of Barolo. I dubbed this James Bond because it is elegant yet strong.
Bosco's wines are great. I recommend a mix of the 3 so you can compare the two Barolo and have the Dolcetto to enjoy if you want to give the former some time in your cellar.


Bosco Agostino Dolcetto D’Alba Vantrin 2017
Bosco Agostino Dolcetto D’Alba Vantrin 2017