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What’s Better than Chablis? MORE Chablis!

Like all wine purveyors, we sell significantly more red wine than white. But if you asked about what kind of wine our members seem most passionate, my answer is Chablis.  We sell our VDLT Chablis wines faster and in larger quantities than any other.


We love it too but like any wine, there are so many different interpretations depending on the vineyard and producer.  


On one of our recent visits to Burgundy, we stopped at three domaines we suspected might be worthy of our members’ affections. All were excellent, but one stood out because their wines are distinct and they offer an alternative expression to our Private Label Chablis.


So, having been notified that our container of 500 cases of wine arrived and is working its way through customs, we continue in our series of presenting domaines new to our Community.


 Vincent & Stéphanie at the “office”


Domaine Stéphanie & Vincent Michelet is an extended family affair. Along with Stéphanie’s parents, the Courtaults, this husband and wife team operate two domaines together from the same estate.


Some of their wines are the same despite the two labels. We chose Michelet because Courtault is much more widely imported in the US.


This is extremely transparent Chablis - you can really taste the difference from one vineyard to another. Most importantly, their wines make me very happy. Maybe its Stéphanie’s immense and infectious smile and the warmth of everyone we encounter when we visit. More likely it is because they make joyous wine.


During our tasting in June, Stéphanie offered us the 2014 Chablis. It was so delicious and so complete that I scolded her for giving us something we couldn’t offer to our members. “Épuisé, aucun doute,” (sold out no doubt) I said. But to my amazement and utter joy, she said, “No, we have enough.”


Not only was 2014 an incredible vintage (the best in at least 8 years, probably more) but it has had some time in bottle to integrate and develop added complexity and depth.


We have their fine 2016 Petit Chablis and the 2016 1er Cru Mont de Milieu - one of our favorite vineyards - both from more recent vintages, but right now my heart belongs to this beauty...GLORIOUS!


And...as you can see they have a working aquarium in their cuverie. First one I’ve seen. How cool is that?


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