Alberto Burzi

The estate of Alberto Burzi in La Morra is young - the first vintage was 2012 - but so are Alberto and his sister Caterina. They are the first generation in their family to grow and bottle wine (a mere 20,000 per year). Their grandfather was part of a cooperative selling grapes to winemakers.


While they may be young, their vines are most definitely not - up to 80 years old. They farm naturally and organically, without certification.  Alberto uses the Guyot system for vine training, typical in cool climates. He destems and does manual pump-overs 3 or 4 times per day. Bottling is earlier than most estates. He has begun experimenting with concrete tanks as an intermediary vessel between botti and bottle. He believes it provides more temperature stability. The bottis are neutral Austrian barrels.


What they might lack in years, they make up in passion, commitment and curiosity. Their goal is to produce delicate yet true expressions of Nebbiolo and Barbera and they are definitely succeeding. VDLT, the first to introduce their wine to the US is proud to be supporting the vision and dedication of these wonderful young people. 


Alberto & Caterina's hard work is enabling them to grow. They are leasing a vineyard in La Serra, from which they will soon produce new wine. 

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