Cascina Ballarin

If you have travelled the road from Alba to Barolo you’ve passed by the estate of Cascina Ballarin as you’ve cruised under the village of La Morra. Known almost as much for their bohemian agriturismo as for their wines, Cascina Ballarin has remained an under-the-radar player for too long. We’re changing that!

Known as Cascina Ballarin since 1980, the estate was founded by current proprietor Giorgio Viberti’s great-grandfather in 1928, Ballarin being a nickname for Giorgio's branch of the Viberti family (no relation to Osvaldo).  Until nearly the end of the last century, it was a classic Piedmontese Cascina, supplying the family with enough fruit, vegetables, grain, and yes, grapes for them to enjoy life.  

Today, they focus on wine, but classic expressions of the softer side of Barolo (unlike many in La Morra who favor heavier extraction). There are a variety of techniques used here, some more classic, some more modern.

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