In 2002, the Di Capua family uprooted and replanted the Fietri estate, creating 15 new vineyard plots, each taking advantage of a tiny piece of land with particular characteristics. The existing farm, used for producing olive oil and storing grain, was converted into fully functioning winery. It is a modest facility, yet perfect for the tiny amount of fruit that ultimately goes into the wines. There is a strict selection undertaken here, with only the best fruit kept to be bottled under the Fietri label. 


Today there are Seven hectares of Sangiovese planted at Fietri, six for Chianti Classico surrounded by over 200 hectares of woods. This isolation has allowed for a very easy transition to organic viticulture.

The Di Capua family has owned the property since 1940. They entrust the entire operation to Walter Morieri, who runs the winery, makes the wine, manages their agriturismo. He is a true one-man-show behind the renovation of this unique property.

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