Anselma Giacomo

Azienda Anselma Giacomo has been in operation for more than 100 years. In the early 20th century, Giacomo ran an osteria near the castle in Serralunga. His son, Felice, began producing wine from sourced grapes for the restaurant. Eventually, he bought vineyards - great vineyards like those in vaunted Vigna Rionda. He bottled his first vintage in 1930. By then, the family was running one of the area’s first hotel/restaurants, which they still have.


Giacomo’s great grandson, Franco, and his wife Maria head the business now. The vineyards, in calcerous clay soil, are managed “Biotipico” with only natural fertilizing and without severe chemicals. Franco tries to avoid doing anything that would prevent the inevitable evolution of his wines and his methods are very traditional. Production is just 20,000 bottles per year.


This is a lovely family, producing intensely terroir-driven wines that evoke not just a sensory response but an emotional one as well. Their cantina is almost museum-like, transporting you back to a simpler, and probably, more serene era.


VDLT is the only North American source for current vintages of these wines.

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