The story here is a familiar one, a family farm once thrived, only to be abandoned as the era of sharecropping lead way to the industrial revolution. Vineyards disappeared, only to be replanted decades later, first as a hobby, and eventually as the business that it is today. Perhaps less typical, but not altogether unheard of, is Monica’s story. 


A successful veterinarian, in 2007 Monica was faced with a painful decision. The time had come to either sell the family farm or rejuvenate it. With no farming experience, just ample conviction, Monica took up the challenge, leaving behind the world of veterinary medicine and instead taking her seat on the tractor. With little understanding of viticulture and viniculture those first years were no doubt challenging. Advice at the time could be dubious, like the suggestion of a consulting enologist in 2008 to apply pest controls, poisonous pest controls.  Monica instinctively knew what to do when she read that bottle of poison her enologist suggested. That was a turning point, as it spurred Monica down the path of organic viticulture and there has been no turning back.Fattoria Pomona was certified organic since 2012 and from that moment forward Monica knew that she was capable of doing something special here. Afterall, her father always told her the wines of Fattoria Pomona were among the very best!


From the first tentative steps, Monica’s parents replanted a hectare of vines back in 1982, to today, when one finds a modest 6 hectares under vine, there has been the utmost attention to produce wine that could only come from here. The cellar is simple, modest, surprisingly so considering the explosive, bright, and vivid nature of the wines. Wines that are produced not only as an homage to their terroir, but also to each growing season. Vintage character is highly prized so perhaps having no equipment to modify the wine’s inherent nature is less surprising after all.


With fewer than 350 cases produced annually, this is not going to be an easy wine to find, and we will not be able to reload on this vintage so keep that in mind when ordering. At the price it’s a great value and a wine worth stocking up on!

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