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Old Vine 6-Pack


Old Vines, or Vieilles Vignes in French has become a code word for superior wine.  Working and maintaining older vines (generally 50 years+) is more challenging and the economic reward is less obvious since old vines produce less grapes.  Dedicated winemakers like this because less fruit and the increased stress to produce that fruit = greater concentration.  

We offer a sampler pack of reds from 3 different regions all displaying the complexity of old vines.  Explore them yourself or gift to someone else.


Girin Beaujolais Ancestrale Fût de Chêne 2016 (x2)

Nau Frères Bourgueil 2014 Vieilles Vignes (x2)

L'Arnesques Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016  (x2)