• Winemaker, Philip Colin, tasting wines with VDLT members at one of our exclusive events. 

VDLT Wine Community Membership

VDLT is a unique opportunity to buy excellent wine at extraordinary prices. Your membership gains you access to wines directly from small-batch producers and invitations to our exclusive events where winemakers, experts, and guests experience wine like never before. The community experience is such that members feel that they picked the grapes in the wine that they are drinking.

Become a Member

The cost of an annual VDLT membership is $200, which most members earn back in wine savings in just a few purchases.

Current members and new members who renew or join in 2018 will also receive a three-month bonus, extending their membership period to 15 months.

50% of the VDLT membership fees are used to cover the cost of our incredible contest prizes, from exceptional wines to amazing trips to Burgundy.

Pre-Arrival Purchase

Our pre-arrival purchase model connects small-batch producers directly with the members of our community. We taste every wine with the producers from the barrel and bottle before cherry picking the best selection for our members. Oftentimes, members are able to taste the wines at our exclusive community events.

Once new wines are selected, we announce a two-week period when members can pre-purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. These pre-arrival wines are limited and not likely to be available on the website beyond the initial pre-purchase timeframe. Members can expect delivery approximately 4-5 weeks after the purchase window closes.

From Our Cellar

We keep a limited amount of wines in stock, but cannot guarantee that pre-arrival wines will be available after the initial two-week pre-purchase timeframe.


Members are billed 50% of the FedEx cost for any shipping options.

"The emails are fun and the wine is even better."
William B, Connecticut

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Enjoy our unique community experiences and expertly curated wines at prices that are typically 25% to 40% lower than comparable retail prices.