$420 Quarterly Plan


What: Essentially a combo of our other 2 Plans.  12 bottles of at least 6 different wines from our full range of everyday to premium wines.  A mix of red and white is necessary with some rosé, sparkling & sweet wines included as well.  Full membership and benefits as long as you maintain your Plan.


When: Your credit card is charged automatically every three months.  Packages ship within a few days. 


Why: This is the ultimate way to explore VDLT’s incredible depth and scope of distinct wines conveniently and without having to make choices. You will discover all of our regions and producers.  You will enhance your understanding of terroir as you compare wines from different places with the same grape or similar wines from the same producer but different vineyards.  You will be amazed at how great our low-priced selections are and you will discover that our premium selections can offer extraordinary value.  We are confident that after 6 months of this plan, you will be a VDLT member for life.


How: Register with your credit card which will be charged automatically every quarter.  Your wine ships free.  Taste your selections (full details on all of them on our website).  You can order more of those you like if available or wait for the next vintage.  Share your impressions and photos for a chance to win prizes.