Champagne Hervé Dubois Cuvée Spéciale Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru 2011

Champagne Hervé Dubois

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Our tasting impressions

This wine is the epitome of Hervé Dubois' winemaking and he really nailed this strange vintage. The aromatics are are incredible and inviting. Ten years old and it's all about freshness, brightness and energy. The bead is truly lovely - intense at the start but very refined. There is tons of mineral flavors. If you look up appetizing in the dictionary, I think you will find this wine. It makes you crave food. A classy Blanc de Blancs that begins to show just a touch of defining oxidation as it sits in the glass. 


About this wine

All Chardonnay from a single, elite, Grand Cru vineyard in Avize named Mazagran
planted in 1951. Vinified in steel tank without malolactic fermentation to emphasize freshness and terroir. It spends about 10 years on its lees. Bottled after a light filtration. Disgorged October 2011 with a dosage of 6g/L. 


About the grape

Chardonnay is the most popular wine variety in the the US. Winemakers love the green-skinned grape as well because it’s so easy to grow and adaptive to many different production techniques. Grown everywhere, Chardonnay’s greatest expressions are widely believed to come from Burgundy. Indeed, this is believed to be where the grape originated. Chablis, in Northern Burgundy and Champagne also offer superlative examples of Chardonnay.


About the vintage

2011, a wild and crazy vintage, presented some of the most erratic weather in modern history and resulted in some very uneven grape ripening. Fortunately, as it relates to this cuvée, Chardonnay generally fared best; and diligent growers (like those in the VDLT portfolio) were able to produce excellent wines.


Suggested Glassware: Grassl Mineralité

Champagne Hervé Dubois

The roots of this Grower Champagne estate dates back to 1920.  Hervé's grandfather Paul was in the business of transporting wine to the big Champagne houses by horse.  He bought land in Avize in order to feed and raise the horses and this land eventually was designated Grand Cru vineyards.  A decade later, he developed the property to focus on wine production.


In 1981, Hervé began bottling their wine under his own name. His daughter, Nina is heir apparent, managing the commerce and gradually learning winemaking from her father.


The 7.5ha estate in the Côte des Blancs near Épernary is 60% Chardonnay (mostly Grand Cru in Avize. The estate also comprises 1.5ha Pinot Meunier, 1ha Pinot Noir and .5ha 1er Cru Chardonnay in Montagne de Reims. Other vineyards are in Oger and Cramant.  


Thirty-eight years ago, Hervé discontinued using malolactic fermentation in his Chardonnay and has remained committed to this less common practice.  He believes it results in fresher, livelier wines that more transparently reflect the terroir.