Diego Pressenda Langhe Riesling 2019

Riesling Renano
Diego Pressenda

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Our tasting impressions

The nose is pure and cool like Riesling should be. This is a lighter rendition than the sort I am use to from Germany. While this is a near-term drinker, I see signs of it putting on weight and depth. A terrific aperitif and just as useful with a meal. Lovely to find a Riesling from the Langhe with so much varietal expression.


About this wine

A varietal wine from Riesling Renano. The 510m high vineyard in Roddino was planted in 2011 in soil that is mostly calcareous with some clay. The vines are mid-slope with southwestern exposure. Harvest is usually the second week of September. Grapes are fermented in 15hl French oak at controlled temperatures. The wine is bottled young after a few month on the lees in steel tank.


About the grape

Riesling is one of the elite white grapes of the world. It is best known from Germany, where it is the dominant variety but also prominent in Alsace and Austria. Rieslings are produced in the new world as well. It tends to do best in colder climates which enhances its remarkable mineral flavors and accentuates its defining acidity. The only true Riesling (derived from the German variety) in Italy is Riesling Renano.


About the vintage

Silvia remembers 2019 as "decidedly more conventional" than most recent years. Spring was late so wet and cold held sway until mid-March. It rained heavily in April and when temperatures spiked in June, careful vineyard management was needed to avert problems. Another heatwave came at the end of July with severe storms that did not damage the vines. A temperate period followed but sporadic rain was troublesome. A September hailstorm fortunately skirted the major vineyard areas. Harvest began mid-September. Overall, she considers 2019 a traditional vintage with fine quality and slightly reduced productivity.


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Diego Pressenda

The Pressenda family is large, happy and rather entrepreneurial. Diego and Rosanna started producing wine on the land his parents began as sharecroppers. The 15ha sustainable vineyard, known as La Torricella, sits between Monforte d'Alba and Roddino.


In 2010, the family developed an agrituirsmo featuring a restaurant run by Chef (and daughter) Alessandra and her husband Francesco and a spa, managed by daughter Annalisa. The views are amazing.


Today, the winemaking is the responsibility of daughter Silvia (Sergio Molino consults). Son, Oscar handles sales and marketing. Production is about 60,000 bottles annually. VDLT was introduced to the Pressenda family by Sergio Molino, who consults on their winemaking. 


The next generation of Pressendas are utilizing their talents while showing great respect for tradition and the land. The future looks very bright.