Diego Pressenda Langhe Rosato Pumin Rus 2020

Diego Pressenda

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Our tasting impressions

The color is really pale. The wine is so light and lively that it seems to dance through your mouth. Dolcetto is great for Rosato because it produces wine that is all about pleasure and ease. Silvia Pressenda succeeds in her goal of producing a really fresh tasting blush wine.


About this wine

A D.O.C. Rosato from 100% Dolcetto. The grapes are from various vineyards all low on the slope, where the soil is freshest. The vines, planted between 1985-88 at 500m are in Monforte d'Alba. Harvest is typically in early September. Fermentation is at controlled temperature in stainless steel. It matures in these tanks for a few months before bottling to promote freshness.


About the grape

Dolcetto, which means “little sweet one,” is a thick-skinned, early-ripening grape, which offers numerous growing challenges. It is most closely associated with the Piedmont region, where despite being viewed as a younger brother to Nebbiolo and Barbera, is most often the wine of choice at meals among the Piedmontese. It has a synergistic relationship with these other varieties because when planted higher on the cooler slopes, where the others struggle, Dolcetto is able to maintain acidity and avoid ripening too quickly.


Dolcetto, despite its name, is always made into dry wine. Further paradoxically, a grape that is low in acid and high in tannins produces (when expertly made) soft, bright and fruity wines that are easy to drink and best in their youth.


About the vintage

Silvia describes the 2020 vintage as very good to excellence and well suited to wines that reward cellaring. She says the winter was mild and very dry. It stayed this way until May, when rain prevailed for about 6 weeks. This slowed all the precocious vine growth. Fortunately, water stress was averted. Yields were curtailed with green harvesting.


Suggested Glassware: Grassl Cru

Diego Pressenda

The Pressenda family is large, happy and rather entrepreneurial. Diego and Rosanna started producing wine on the land his parents began as sharecroppers. The 15ha sustainable vineyard, known as La Torricella, sits between Monforte d'Alba and Roddino.


In 2010, the family developed an agrituirsmo featuring a restaurant run by Chef (and daughter) Alessandra and her husband Francesco and a spa, managed by daughter Annalisa. The views are amazing.


Today, the winemaking is the responsibility of daughter Silvia (Sergio Molino consults). Son, Oscar handles sales and marketing. Production is about 60,000 bottles annually. VDLT was introduced to the Pressenda family by Sergio Molino, who consults on their winemaking. 


The next generation of Pressendas are utilizing their talents while showing great respect for tradition and the land. The future looks very bright.