Diego Pressenda Nebbiolo D'Alba Il Donato 2018 (750mL/1.5L)

Diego Pressenda

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Our tasting impressions

The only Nebbiolo-based, barrique aged wine produced at Pressenda... and even this traditionalist likes it very much. Sure it's flashy and darker colored than your typical Langhe Nebbiolo, but, it's also flat-out delicious. Change can be good and this is really well crafted.


About this wine

Donato is Diego's middle name. The Nebbiolo grapes are from the bottom of the slope in Monforte d'Alba in soil that is light and calcareous. The vineyard planted in 1997 is at 500m with western exposure. Harvest tends to be the second week of October. Maceration is on the skins for about 10 days. Aging is 18 months in barrique.


About the grape

Nebbiolo, the name believed to be derived from nebbia, Italian for fog, is a grape with one of the most protracted maturation cycles. It buds in early spring and ripens late fall (when the winter nebbia from the Alps reaches the vineyards).


Nebbiolo vines tend to grow upwardly with abandon, so management is essential to limit grape production and channel energy to them. They also are very particular about where they will thrive, which is why Nebbiolo is seldom found outside of Piedmont. Even there, it only is successful when planted on south facing slopes (much sun is needed for ripening), at elevations between 250 and 450 meters (lower there is too much frost exposure, higher the grapes won’t ripen).


Wines from Nebbiolo usually are pale-colored, high in acidity and very tannic. Common flavor descriptors are rose and tar. They tend to be highly aromatic.


About the vintage

Silvia reports the winter was long and there was substantial precipitation, which was welcome after the torrid 2017 that created hydric stress. Spring was cool and still wet, including some fierce storms that were challenging. Flowering and berry development were under ideal circumstances and suggested an overabundant crop. Green harvesting was necessary to ensure concentrated fruit. The summer was hot but uneventful and the perfect weather led up to the harvest.  Only Nebbiolo saw reduced yield due to the intense heat of the prior year. Overall, Silvia considers 2018 a fine and classic vintage with excellent balance to the fruit if conscientious vineyard management was practiced.


Suggested Glassware: Grassl Cru

Diego Pressenda

The Pressenda family is large, happy and rather entrepreneurial. Diego and Rosanna started producing wine on the land his parents began as sharecroppers. The 15ha sustainable vineyard, known as La Torricella, sits between Monforte d'Alba and Roddino.


In 2010, the family developed an agrituirsmo featuring a restaurant run by Chef (and daughter) Alessandra and her husband Francesco and a spa, managed by daughter Annalisa. The views are amazing.


Today, the winemaking is the responsibility of daughter Silvia (Sergio Molino consults). Son, Oscar handles sales and marketing. Production is about 60,000 bottles annually. VDLT was introduced to the Pressenda family by Sergio Molino, who consults on their winemaking. 


The next generation of Pressendas are utilizing their talents while showing great respect for tradition and the land. The future looks very bright.