Domaine Belle Hermitage Rouge 2015

750 ML
Domaine Belle

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Our tasting impressions

Our previous offering of this wine was the 2013, which enabled many of you to appreciate the great quality of Hermitage from this address. The 2015 is currently a notch above that vintage and has the potential to significantly widen the gap. It has more of the things you expect from Hermitage - depth, complexity and “bloodiness!” The ripe fruit allow enjoying it now but it has at least 2 decades of development and refinement ahead of it.


About this wine

Hermitage is understandably the king of Northern Rhône wines and arguably the world's greatest expression of Syrah.  Well made, it is unmatched for its depth, power and complexity.


Belle’s ideally southern-facing vineyard of 100% Syrah in Les Murets is planted in limestone, sand and gravel soil. The yields are 30 hl/ha. The vineyard is in conversion to organic.


Whole bunches of grapes are fermented five weeks with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel vats, with daily pumping over and punching down and a final warm maceration.  The wine spends 26 months in oak barrels - half new oak.


About the vintage

Most certainly an excellent vintage in the Northern Rhône and thankfully, yields returned to normal after a few down crops. A hot July amped up ripeness but cool August nights ensured fresh and fruit balanced fruit. Winemaking skill was needed to avoid over-ripe wines and a willingness to forego temptation to overproduce and produce dilute wines was essential.


About the grape

Syrah is the sixth most planted grape worldwide.  It thrives on steep slopes because of the dry climate and soil that enable deep root penetration.  The grapes are small and dark-skinned high in acid and tannins. 



On your table

Short ribs braised in Syrah (please use something less expensive than Hermitage).  Serve at cellar temperature and decant if pouring young.


Domaine Belle

The property of the current Domaine Belle can trace its winemaking roots back to the 17th Century. 
Today, Philippe Belle carries on the commitment to the highest standards of excellence in vineyard maintenance and winemaking.  The Domaine covers 25-hectares, six communes and produces red (Syrah) and white (Marsanne & Roussane) wine and apricots from the orchard tended by Philippe’s brother, Jean-Claude.

Farming practices feature close pruning, very moderate application of organic fertilizers, mechanical working of the soil, reasoned use of natural phytosanitary treatments, leaf thinning, green harvesting when necessary, and manual harvesting.  Philippe is steadfastly committed to low yields. 

Their wines are pure expressions of the region’s wonderful terroir.