Grassl 1855 Wine Glass - On Back Order

 ***This item is on back order. New orders are expected to be fulfilled in March***



The Grassl 1855's long, conical shape is ideal for big, younger, red wines

Minimum order of 2 glasses - can be mixed and matched with other styles.


Try these VDLT wines when they are young in the 1855:


  • Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Merlot
  • Brunello


Capacity: 23 1/2oz

Height: 230mm

Width: 110mm

Mouth Opening: 70mm

Base: 100mm

Crystal: Non Lead

Type of Manufacturing: Mouth Blown


N.B. Despite the durability of the design of these glasses and the expert packing of them for shipment, they are fragile and breakage occurs sometimes in shipping. Please notify us if there are any issues with your order. We will make it right.


VDLT is proud to offer a new product that will help change the way you experience wine. Grassl stemware is beautiful, mouth-blown crystal made in Slovakia. Featherweight, yet dishwasher-safe and impeccably balanced.

Grassl offers four different styles. Each one presents certain types of wines best. VDLT has concluded there is some merit to “different wine - different  glass.” But, even if you choose just one, we think you will agree these are in a “glass” by themselves.


  • 1855 for bigger & younger reds (i.e., Cabernet, Syrah, Tempranillo)
  • Cru for lighter reds & bigger whites (i.e;, Burgundy, Nebbiolo)
  • Liberté is a universal glass red or white (Most other whites Sangiovese, Barbera & mature big reds and whites)
  • Mineralité for high acid wines (i.e., Champagne, Chenin, Chablis)