Montefioralle Vin Santo del Chianti Classico 2017 (500mL)

Malvasia Blend

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Our tasting impressions

A great follow up to the terrific 2016. This young Vin Santo has great balance, precise flavors and a bit more punch than last year. It will reward cellaring but it's most enjoyable now.


About this wine

After picking the Malvasia and Trebbiano, the grape bunches are hung to dry on wood canes in ventilated rooms for a couple of months. This procedure helps the water in the grapes to evaporate and increases the percentage of fructose. 


After drying for 95 days, the grapes (equal parts of each) are pressed and then transferred to small wood barrels called caratelli for fermentation where the must is filled up to a maximum of ¾ in the barrel.


The caratello is closed hermetically to produce high pressure during the fermentation. This, combined with the controlled temperature, makes the fermentation process slow.


After three years, the result is a naturally sweet wine to enjoy with desserts or blue cheese. 800 half bottles produced.


About the grapes

Malvasia is an incredibly flexible grape variety used to produce many different types of wine. Likely of Greek origin, it was first cultivated about 2,000 years ago. It is prone to oxidizing which is why it is commonly used in fortified wines.


Trebbiano, known in France as Ugni Blanc, is the main grape in Cognac. It provides acidity and precision.


Suggested Glassware: Grassl Mineralité


Montefioralle (the mountain of flowers) is a tiny, picturesque medieval hamlet in Greve in Chianti with a distinct micro-climate. If Tuscany had a Cru system, it would be a stand-out.


Renato Sieni first rented, then purchased plots from this 14th century vineyard from the church. With later acquisitions, the family now own 4 hectares, 3 of which is used for growing grapes. They also grow olives and produce a bit of fineoil.


It is very much a family micro-estate, producing about 15,000 bottles per year. Fernando (son of Renato), the octogenarian patriarch continues to manage the vineyards and advises in the cellar. Lorenzo  is the principal winemaker, while maintaining a thriving digital entrepreneurial career. His sister Alessia manages the winery and their thriving tourism activities with Lorenzo's wife Manila.


The vineyards have been certified organic since 2019 and the enterprise is conducted with great consideration for its environmental impact.


Tucked away on a hillside to the west of Greve in Chianti, Montefioralle is an enchanting medieval village. As the Chianti Classico Consorzio begins its work of defining the best growing areas, there is no doubt that Montefioralle will be recognized as one of the great crus of Chianti Classico, and no one has a better position within that cru than Montefioralle