Perticaia Montefalco Sagrantino 2004


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Our Tasting Impressions

We stop short of calling 17 year old Sagrantino mature - certainly its on the road to it. Plenty of structure persist, but the Perticaia style makes this soooo smooth and silky that the tannins are rendered less evident. An excellent Montefalco with an intriguing balance of dark fruit and earthy characteristics. Decades of prodigious evolution lies ahead for this beauty.


About this wine

A recent library release from the Perticiaia cellar, this Montefalco is from 100% Sagrantino handpicked with careful selection throughout the month of October. The vines were planted, on average 20 years ago (the oldest are about 30) within 1.5km of the estate.

Cold maceration for 48 hours. Fermentation is conducted by naturally occuring yeasts. The juice remains in contact with the skins for about 30 days -the last 15 days with submerged cap.

Aging is in 25hl oak barrels for 24 months, then stainless steel tanks for 3 months and finally in bottle for one year.


About the grape

The origins of Sagrantino are unclear but it has been grown in Umbria for centuries. Indeed, 90% of its production remains there. It is a dark, thick-skinned grape that, up until the latter half of the last century, was used mostly for sweet wine known as Passito. Sagrantino is extremely tannic and contains some of the highest levels of the beneficial antioxidant polyphenol.


About the vintage

Perticaia reports that 2004 was an exceptional vintage. The weather was balanced with the right amount of wind, rain and sun. Throughout the growing season alcoholic and phenolic ripeness were reached gradually and simultaneously which allowed unrushed harvesting under calm conditions. 


Suggested Glassware: Grassl 1855


Perticaia is the local Umbrian term for plow. This estate is in the region's leading DOC of Montefalco and in the area known as Casale, which is recognized as producing the most elegant wines of the region.

The ownership of Perticaia is not your atypical of all other VDLT producers. Aldo Becca left Umbria for Luxembourg as a young man. From nothing, he built a diversified company. Today, his son Flavio heads the business. Theyhave returned to their roots by investing heavily in the promotion of all things Umbrian. In 2018, they acquired Perticaia. 


The vineyards sit between 320 and 350m above sea level and all are within 1km of the estate, so the grapes experience limited stress post-harvest. Their pruning system results in yields significantly lower than the DOC requirements. Production is 100,000 bottles per year.


Flavio hired Paolo Salvi, a renowned oenologist (who consults with the illustrious Tuscan estate, Montevertine) to assist their winemaker.Pertacaia's style for Sagrantino emphasizes elegance and balance, making the wines more approachable when younger. These are serious, exciting wines that are among Italy's finest.