Ugo Lequio Moscato d'Asti 2019

Ugo Lequio

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Our tasting impressions


Whoa, was I unprepared for this. Reminded me of the the Elton John tune that starts, "It's a little bit funny..." All at once you get a little bit sweet, a little bit sparkly and a little bit syrupy and you think, "this can't possibly coalesce into something I want another sip of. But, it manages to take all these seemingly disparate parts and integrates them into something incredibly compelling that you can't get enough of. I love the chalk and citrus flavors. It's a fun wine but so much more. I'm sold and you will be too, if you just get down off your high wine horse and try it.


About this wine

Ugo is not only a great winemaker, he also makes some good business decisions. Rather than buying Moscato grapes and making the wine himself, he has left that to a man who is widely recognized as the greatest producer of Moscato in Asti - Matteo Soria.


Matteo's vineyards are planted in calcareous, limestone soil with sandy veins. He harvests in late August to early September. The resulting wine is 5% alcohol, with 140g of residual sugar and 6.5g of acidity/liter.


About the grape

Moscato Bianco  is a white grape that is used for winemaking in 13 DOC's in Italy but it is best know in Piedmont.  It is used for dry and sweet wines as well as still and sparkling. The Australians famously dry them like raisins to make their super-sweet dessert wines. Moscato is recognized for being one of the few grapes that actually retains its grape flavor when vinified.


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Ugo Lequio

Ugo Lequio started his boutique winery in 1981 despite not owning any vines. He lived in view of Gallina, one of the great vineyards in Neive producing Barbaresco. He had to persuade a vineyard owner to sell grapes to him. The Marcarinos had much of the most cherished plots around Cascina Nuova. He was able to purchase Barbera from them initially and after many years he succeeded in acquiring their prized Nebbiolo, which had previously gone to Bruno Giacosa, one of the legends of Langhe wines in Piedmont. The vineyard has optimal exposure, altitude and soil composition.


Ugo does almost everything himself including oversight of vineyard management. His grape selection is painstaking and his winemaking very traditional.  He ages his wines longer than the regulations stipulate and does nothing to alter the natural alcohol levels. 


He is a true artisan, crafting incredible wines. We tasted an Arneis that had barely begun fermentation (it looked like a cloudy unfiltered beer) yet it had unbelievable delineation and balance. Ugo is his own man, a rightfully proud man who is so deeply devoted to making extraordinary wine.