Vittorio Innocenti Acerone Rosso Toscano IGT 2010

Vittorio Innocenti

Minimum purchase 6 bottles (or equivalent of 4500mL) mix and match with other Direct wines from this producer. Purchases must be in multiples of 6. Ships directly from winery to you in a few weeks - $4/bottle for 12 or more & $6/bottle for 6.

Our tasting impressions

Acerone is Vittorio's favorite wine. While I have leaned more to the Vino Nobile Riserva, this 2010 seriously shifts the debate. Waiting almost 10 years for the release of this was worth it. 


A deeply expressive nose and a pure, intense palate that transports me to Tuscany. There is so much intrigue that the wine seems to stimulate the mind as well as the senses. There are some secondary notes but the overall impression is of a wine that needs at least a few more years to fully integrate.


The 2009 was impressive but this is on an entirely different level. Tracking this over the years will be a real pleasure. It is astounding that a wine of this magnitude and sophistication is available at this price. One day, I will do a blind tasting with some Tuscan wine mavens that includes Acerone along with the region's iconic wines costing two and three times more. 


About this wine

IGT stands for Indicazione Geografica Tipica. Technically, it is the humblest designation for Italian wines. In Tuscany, IGT was in the spotlight when producers, who were railing against the constraints of the DOC system, introduced Super Tuscans.  


Innocenti makes this Rosso Toscano only in the best vintages and uses his best Sangiovese grapes. He gives them a long maceration and ages it in oak barrels for at least three years - one of which is in barrique.


About the grape

Sangiovese is the most planted grape in Italy and is the dominant grape throughout the central part of the country. There are many variants and even different names like Prugnolo Gentile, Brunello, Sangioveto and Morellino.


The grapes are dark and thick skinned, slow-ripening, acidic and tannic. Like Pinot Noir, Sangiovese is heavily influenced by its terroir and similarly can be quite transparent in its differences from place to place.


Traditionally, Sangiovese-based wines (except in Montalcino) have other grapes mixed in, but in recent history there have been many successful wines produced from 100% Sangiovese. So, today, they are quite common.


About the vintage

Overall, 2010 was much cooler than the prior year. The first half was very rainy causing concern for ripening but high heat in July mitigated the delay somewhat. Still, some harvesting waited until late October. The slow and protracted maturation process for the fruit (when allowed to happen) produced excellent, concentrated grapes and an outstanding vintage.


Suggested Glassware: Grassl Liberté


Vittorio Innocenti

Vittorio Innocenti, a former philosophy teacher and his son Tommaso run this estate from a 13th century cellar in Montefollonico. They own 32 hectares in and around Montepulciano but only 12 are planted with vineyards of up to 50 years old. The vista views from the back patio are incredible.


They produce seven wines, but the cellars (in multiple locations) are dominated by the small barrels containing Vin Santo - a traditional Tuscan dessert wine. Vittorio says he has enough crops to produce more wine but he can’t because there is no room to store it.


Vittorio speaks no English and I no Italian. So we struggle to communicate in French unless, as usually is the case, his close friend Laura is on hand to translate. Despite the language gap, I like and have a deep respect for Vittorio. He is intensely committed to producing the highest quality wines and takes as much pride in his most modest offering as he does his top bottling.


VDLT is the only North American source for these extraordinary wines.