VDLT is now part of Alterity Wines

***Wine purchases are no longer available on this site, but soon, we will alert you to where our wines are avaialble for purchase. Alterity is an importer/wholesaler specializing in private label wines from the VDLT portfolio***

Video Introduction

Distinct Wines & The People Behind Them

Unlike most of the world's wine, VDLT selections taste and speak of where they come from and what nautre offered in that vintage. The producers tend their vines and craft the wines with care, pride and unwavering dedication.

  • Watch Chief tasting at Champagne Maillart

  • Watch the recap of our tasting event at Katz's Deli in NYC

Innovative & Memorable Events

A World of Wine, Food & Travel

  • Watch Chief and Chef Marvelous cooking macaroni & cheese