Changing the Way You Experience Wine

Video Introduction

Distinct Wines & The People Who Make Them

VDLT selections, many of which are hard or impossible to find elsewhere in the US, reflect where they come from and what nature offered in each vintage. Most are produced in very small quantities by families who tend their vines and craft their wines with care, pride and respect.

  • Watch Chief tasting at Champagne Maillart

  • Watch the recap of our tasting event at Katz's Deli in NYC

Engage in a Unique Wine Community

VDLT provides incomparable and highly personalized client service. Our Community stays connected via an entertaining and informative newsletter, innovative events, blogs & social media posts and special vineyard/cellar tours.

Current & Upcoming Events

Recent Events

  • > August - Guiton & Pichon Pre-Arrival Offers Closed
  • >June - Scouting trip France & Piedmont
  • >May - Hackley School Wine Tasting - Penthouse 45 NYC
  • >April - Welcome Daniele Sassi to NYC - Sojourn
  • >Nov/Dec 2022 - Italy Scouting Trip

A World of Wine, Food & Travel

You can buy wine anywhere. The VDLT Community offers you great, distinct wines and so much more. The intersection of wine, food & travel is a core value in the experience of VDLT clients.

  • Watch Chief and Chef Marvelous cooking macaroni & cheese