Champagne Hervé Dubois

The roots of this Grower Champagne estate dates back to 1920.  Hervé's grandfather Paul was in the business of transporting wine to the big Champagne houses by horse.  He bought land in Avize in order to feed and raise the horses and this land eventually was designated Grand Cru vineyards.  A decade later, he developed the property to focus on wine production.


In 1981, Hervé began bottling wine under his own name. His daughter, Nina has been working with him since 2012.


The 6.3ha estate in the Côte des Blancs near Épernary is 63% Chardonnay - 3.5ha are Grand Cru from Avize in the Côte de Blancs and a half ha of 1er Cru in Montagne de Reims. The estate also comprises 1.5ha Pinot Meunier and .8ha Pinot Noir from the Vallée de la Marne.


Thirty-eight years ago, Hervé discovered that by stemming the malolactic fermentation process in his Chardonnay the enduring malic acid made his wine fresher, livelier and more transparent of the terroir.


They have no desires to grow, to be famous or wealthy from their work. These are truly artisan winemakers. Their only goal is to produce the best Champagne they can - Champagne that is deeply reflective of the land and people who work it.

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