Francesca Fiasco

Francesca Fiasco is young, passionate and driven. Since 2015, she has relentlessly worked the land and cellar her grandparents started many decades ago in the beautiful Cilento National Park.  Everything she knows about farming and wine she learned from her Nonno. More than 90 years old, Luigi still tends the vines.


From the 6.5 hectare farm, Francesca produces less than 20,000 bottles per year from a mixture of traditional local grapes as well several typically French varieties. Production of her 4 wines is unconventional - it's Nonno's way - but the results are extraordinary.


To say that this is manual labor is an understatement. Beginning with harvesting the grapes for each wine separately up to Francesca writing notes on each case of wine. Her devotion and determination are undeniable. The wines from Paestum may not be well known or highly regarded but don't tell her that - nor does anyone who has tasted her wines much care.

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