VDLT is proud to offer a new product that will help change the way you experience wine. Grassl stemware is beautiful, mouth-blown crystal made in Slovakia. Featherweight, yet dishwasher-safe and impeccably balanced.

Grassl offers four different styles. Each one presents certain types of wines best. VDLT has concluded there is some merit to “different wine - different  glass.” But, even if you choose just one, we think you will agree these are in a “glass” by themselves.


  • 1855 for bigger & younger reds (i.e., Cabernet, Syrah, Tempranillo)
  • Cru for lighter reds & bigger whites (i.e;, Burgundy, Nebbiolo)
  • Liberté is a universal glass red or white (Most other whites Sangiovese, Barbera & mature big reds and whites)
  • Mineralité for high acid wines (i.e., Champagne, Chenin, Chablis)

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