Lorenzo Sieni is a contemporary man, yet there is something timeless about him, the way he moves. Certainly the way he runs the family winery: Montefioralle, which is one of the smallest in Chianti Classico.


Originally planted by his father in 1964, this is the classic example of a hobbyist vineyard gone pro. The land had been owned by the church at the time of it’s planting, though it had been abandoned for some time, the Sieni family worked the land and brought life back it. The vineyard dates back to the14th century.


In the 1990s the local church reassessed their stake in the village of Montefioralle, they sold two hectares of land to Lorenzo’s father, which forms the core of the estate; a few years later another, contiguous lot was purchased, with the finale hectare of vineyard being planted in 2016. Their land is very well-suited to viticulture. The east facing vineyards mitigate against the heat of the late afternoon, the topsoil is thin and the base of limestone is unparalleled in the region.


Tucked away on a hillside to the west of Greve in Chianti, Montefioralle is an enchanting medieval village. As the Chianti Classico Consorzio begins its work of defining the best growing areas, there is no doubt that Montefioralle will be recognized as one of the great crus of Chianti Classico, and no one has a better position within that cru than Montefioralle 

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