Jean Guiton Beaune 1er Cru Les Sizies 2019

Pinot Noir
Jean Guiton

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Our tasting impressions

The 2021 Beaune Sizies has much in common with the wonderful Savingy Hauts Jarrons from the same vintage. It is also beautifully ripe with smooth and easy tannins. The Sizies has a bit more stuffing and slightly richer, sweeter fruit. Drinking fabulously right now but capable of at least mid-term cellaring and evolution.

About this wine

Les Sizies is an 8.5 ha 1er cru Pinot Noir vineyard on somewhat flat ground.  Guiton has a small southeast-facing plot.  The soil is a mixture of limestone and red clay.  The vines were planted in 1943.  Harvesting is by hand.

Fermentation takes 20 days with cold maceration, including pigéage (punching down the cap).  The wine ages in oak barrels (20% new) for 18 months.  A light filtration is done before bottling if necessary.  About 2,100 bottles are produced annually.

About the grape

Pinot Noir is an ancient grape from eastern France. Notoriously challenging, it thrives in cooler climates.  The concept of terroir is most closely identified with Burgundy because the lightness of Pinot Noir enables it to so transparently express minor differences (which is why experienced tasters can discern the difference in wines produced from vineyards in very close proximity).  Intense popularity resulted in plantings all over the world but most agree that its finest expression is in the Côte d’Or of Burgundy.

About the vintage

A mild winter gave way to a cantankerous March. There were a few issues with frost but most were expected and dealt with effectively. The heat arrived in June. Among the three consecutive dry, hot years of 2018-2020, 2019 is the most classical and balanced. Although alcohol levels can be high, they are balanced by good levels of acidity. Concentration also is strong in the Pinot Noir.

Jean Guiton

Guillaume Guiton is a fiercely dedicated and extraordinary vigneron and a super nice guy.  In the grand scheme of Burgundy, his vineyards would be considered modest...his wines, we consider, anything but.


He has been running this 11.5 hectare Domaine since 2002.  His father Jean started it in 1973.  Very much a hybrid estate, Guillaume owns 4ha, rents the rest and even buys grapes in his pursuit of the best he can get.  He produces about 50,000 bottles per year.


He is a devoted terroirista, who welcomes the opportunity not to intervene in what nature offers. His methods vary based on vintage circumstances but he usually de-stems his red grapes and mostly avoids fining and filtration.


Guillaume is an intense student of barrels.  He raises many wines in a variety of barrels before blending, only uses them for 6 years and never employs more than 20% new oak.