VDLT Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses 2020

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Tasting impressions

An outstanding vintage of Les Preuses. It has all the crisp, mineral, brine-infused flavors you expect in Chablis. But in 2021, this young wine has an extra layer of structure and dimension. It gives the impression of being somewhat full-bodied for a Chablis. It could use cellar time but...what would you expect from top Grand Cru?


About this wine

Les Preuses is believed to be a derivation from La Voie Pierreuse or the stone path because the vineyard was in the past alongside a Roman road along the bank of the River Serein.


From an acclaimed producer, this 100% Chardonnay is from Grand Cru vines age 45 to 68 years planted in a mixture of marl and chalky Kimmeridgian facing south.


Vinification and aging is on fine lees for at least 15 months. Thirty percent is in oak barrels (50% new) and the rest in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Production is 4500 bottles.


About the grape

Chardonnay is the most popular wine variety in the US. Winemakers love the green-skinned grape as well because it’s so easy to grow and adaptive to many different production techniques. Grown everywhere, Chardonnay’s greatest expressions are widely believed to come from Burgundy. Indeed, this is believed to be where the grape originated. Chablis, in Northern Burgundy and Champagne also offer superlative examples of Chardonnay.


About the vintage

2020 is a terrific vintage in Chablis (except for those producers who were plagued by pyrazines (overly green vegetal flavors). Thankfully, it was a reasonably normal climate year, unless you want to argue that frost, hail, etc, in Chablis is the new normal. Generally, lower in alcohol than 2019 despite producing wines that seem fuller-bodied and more structured. 


On your table

I would like halibut, braised in court bouillon with leeks. 

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