VDLT Clos de la Roche Grand Cru 2021

Pinot Noir
VDLT Private Label

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Expected Spring 2024


Our tasting impressions 

This Grand Cru impresses immensely with its bright, crunchy and amazingly pure, red fruit. Obviously structured and tannic at this stage but the fresh and low alcohol vintage makes this surprisingly approachable and delicious. We love excellent Clos de la Roche and this one really stands out for its class, distinction and classical style.

About this wine

Morey-Saint-Denis, despite being less famous than some of its Côte d’Or neighbors, may have the highest top-to-bottom quality. The same is true for its famed Grand Cru Clos de la Roche, it’s soil and conditions are of consistently high quality throughout it’s almost 17ha of Pinot Noir vines.

From a less than 1 hectare plot planted in clay limestone soil on avearge, 50 years ago facing south/southeast at an elevation of 280m. Grapes are hand harvested. Fermentation is with natural yeast. Aged in 100% new oak and bottled without fining or filtration.

About the grape

Pinot Noir is an ancient grape from eastern France. Notoriously challenging, it thrives in cooler climates.  The concept of terroir is most closely identified with Burgundy because the lightness of Pinot Noir enables it to so transparently express minor differences (which is why experienced tasters can discern the difference in wines produced from vineyards in very close proximity).  Intense popularity resulted in plantings all over the world but most agree that its finest expression is in the Côte d’Or of Burgundy.

About the vintage

2021 heralded a return to typical Burgundian style. For the first time in several years, high temperatures during the growing season were not the overriding factor. Unfortunately, a severe spring frost that plagued much of Europe drastically diminished yields. Chardonnay was hit harder because it buds earlier than Pinot Noir. So, 2021 was very good on quality but very poor on quantity.

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