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Welcome Aboard Greg Kramer

Greg, we’re lucky to have you. Welcome aboard.

Greg Kramer, as of August 3rd, has become the Managing Director of the new VDLT community. He has skin in the game and will work full-time without salary. The Chief knows Greg for 5 years and is excited to have him aboard. His knowledge, passion, and energy will make a huge difference to the future of our community. Greg has literally spent forever trying to find a fruitful way to dedicate himself to the wine industry.

Chief worked together with Greg to help him establish Alterity Wines, LLC. Although this project had great opportunity, a few weeks ago at dinner, they both virtually simultaneously said, “Let’s dance”. Exploring VDLT's future goals and Greg's skill set, their working together became an irresistible option. There is no question in either of their minds that this is the opportunity that Greg has been searching for.