A Note on Our Notes

We offer our impressions of why we like the wines and what we believe makes them distinct. We will not provide scores because we think it is unfair to reduce the hard work and dedication of winemakers to a “qualitative” number. We also do not mention specific flavors very much because each of us perceives the taste of a wine differently. Technical data is provided because, hey, some folks like it. You’re welcome to skip over them and just enjoy the wines. But if you glance at them, you will notice trends in methods and conditions that make the winemakers in the VDLT portfolio special and make their wines distinct, i.e., low yields, old vines, judicious use of new oak, longer aging, etc.. Pairing suggestions we don’t take very seriously but the enjoyment of a good wine (or a good dish) can be diminished by an unfortunate combination. Use as guidelines and when in doubt, go with dishes that hail from the same region as the wine. Cellar or drink? This can vary by personal taste. Some like youthful exuberance and fresh fruit. Others prefer earthier, mature flavors. Better to err on the side of too soon because reviving a dead wine can be impossible (but don’t underestimate the resuscitative powers of long, slow exposure to air). There also isn’t much that can be done for a young wine that is in shutdown phase. Try a rigorous decant (or an extreme run through a blender) or just leave it open for a few days.