How to Drink Wine at Restaurants

or Eat Your Cake & Have It To

In wine language, we’d say it's wonderful to have a wine you enjoy with your dinner, and upon arriving home, finding the exact same wine back in your wine cellar. Paying $150-250 for a fine bottle of wine at a restaurant, which is what one of our VDLT $45-70 bottles would cost, is not smart and it's being very, very wasteful. If the money means nothing, then be a good person and give it where it’s needed and appreciated.


Corkage Is Your Best Bet

The NY metropolitan area has endless good restaurants that offer fair corkage prices that allows you to drink what you want at a fair price.


Let’s carefully do the math and see how you drink free. Bring a $45 VDLT wine to a restaurant that has a $25 corkage and your wine cost is $70 instead of $150. So, the savings is $80 (even more if you figure tax and tip). So, when you get home, before retiring, go to the VDLT website and replace your $45 bottle of wine and then some. So, yes, you ate your cake and still have it. This math also works on $25 VDLT wine that sells for $80.


Rion Chambolle - Case in Point

While we have you on the line, the Chief can’t resist giving you another super tip. To quote my partner (the guru), “The 2014 Chambolle-Musigny Les Echezeaux is ‘stops you in your tracks’ gorgeous.” If you’ve never had a Chambolle-Musigny, the aromas are wonderful and the wine literally dances on your tongue. This is a wine you will never, ever buy in a restaurant, because if you’re lucky enough to find it, it’ll be between $250-500. The reason for this special alert is that this year we have only a very, very small allocation of this wine and those of you that enjoy special Burgundy shouldn’t miss this.

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