Notes from the VDLT board meeting

Donald Kramer, an owner and wonderful advisor to VDLT.

Where do VDLT directors hold meetings? Of course, at very good restaurants that have free corkage. Wu's Wonton King serves up better than good duck, pork, lobster, lo mein, fried rice, and world cup worthy wontons.

Donald was so impressed with the Maillart Rosé Champagne that he insisted on ordering a case. He was also excited about the upcoming Champagne tasting and urged us to expand the concept. Mayda, Greg, and the Chief discussed at length VDLT’s commitment to shorten the distance between our vigneron’s vineyards and our members. We can’t do everything at once, but for sure we are constantly looking to “change the way our community experiences wine”. Very close to the front burner is arranging a trip for about 20 members to Burgundy, France. VDLT will plan and arrange every detail of the event, and one of us or a close, friendly associate would lead the pilgrimage. It would be wine camp for adults. Not next week, but sooner than you think.

Last on the agenda: Greg recited with pride a detailed list of the dozens of VDLT wines expected to arrive in October. All in all, a wonderful, upbeat meeting. Oh, and yes – the Champagnes were great with the food. We strongly suggest that you put them on your holiday gift list, but act quickly because they’re going fast.

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