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Ideal Cheese Is Ideal

Fifty years ago, Americans thought that cheese was the substance lodged between their hamburger and their roll, so that when the Chief heard bells ringing, he turned to Marie-Pierre Mikulski and said, “You have ice cream trucks in Meursault??” “No”, she replied, “that’s our cheese wagon. It must be 4:00.” In France, for hundreds of years, cheese is the course before dessert. All over Europe, there are magnificently crafted cheeses.

Today, America boasts many wonderful cheeses, as well as a very few serious stores offering terrific cheeses from all over the world. Most upscale food markets offer an “okay” selection of cheese; however, today we want to nominate Ideal Cheese (52nd and 1st Ave) for a spot in the VDLT “Ring of Honor”. New York City has a handful of cheese shops that are the equal of Paris’ finest. Chief offers up Ideal because in addition to super cheese, they have great service and the owners Julius and son Michael Binetti are our kind of people.

Chief’s office is on 49th Street and before he heads home, he calls the Ideal boys and they toss his goodies into the Batmobile as he passes. Even the customers at Ideal Cheese are ideal. In fact, that’s where Chief met the Solberts, who are as good as good can be. Chief has never enjoyed entertaining more than hosting their family. Additionally, they attend and enhance virtually all VDLT events. If that’s not enough, would you believe they introduced Randy Zeller and Ino Hassid to VDLT?

Greg will be very upset if the Chief doesn’t send you to the website to check out a few of the wines he loves with cheese.

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