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Stick to Your Ribs

Whenever I travel to wine producing areas, I try to drink as local as possible. The food and the wine are products of similar terroir so there is a strong likelihood that together they will be enjoyable.

This weekend, I was preparing these Tuscan-style Ribs so I instinctively reached for Innocenti’s wonderful Chianti. The herbal tones in the wine meshed beautifully with all the herbs and spices in the rib rub and Sangiovese has ample body and tannins to cut through the fatty meat.

I am continually astounded by the purity of Innocenti’s wines. Their provincial sophistication makes them taste so much more expensive than their relatively modest price tags. This is worthy of your consideration.

I smiled as I drank this and could see in mind Vittorio smiling warmly back at me.

Chin chin mio amico,