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The Wine Decides When It Is Ready

Jasnières & Coteaux du Loir

I am pleased, but frankly a bit surprised, that several of you have ordered some of the wines we are offering from Domaine Gigou. Surprised for a number of reasons: 1) The estate is from a rather obscure area in the Loire called Jasnières. 2) They produce white Jasnières from Chenin Blanc and reds from Pineau d’Aunis & Gamay in Coteau du Loir - both appellations are likely unfamiliar and other than Gamay, the grapes are first time VDLT offerings. 3) Despite all my studying, I never heard of Gigou until I put Loire Chenin producers under my search microscope.


Commitment to Quality 

 The wonderful Gigou family could be poster kids for VDLT - a small producer making every

 decision based on what will result in the best wines. When I asked Ludovic (far right in the photo above) why they hold so many bottles in their cellar, he replied, “The wine decides when it’s ready.” It took me several minutes to regain my composure after hearing that!


Remarkable Chenin Blanc

A recent check indicated that there are only about 5 producers from Jasnières offered in the US. In fact, Joël (Papa) is given alot of credit for saving the appellation.


Choosing from among their extensive and varied offerings (white, red, rosé, still, sparkling, dry, off-dry & sweet) was a thrilling but challenging task. We ended up buying more wines from this estate than any other in our portfolio. All are on pre-arrival offer (that ship is due in any day now) but we will introduce one today (well sorta).


Chenin Blanc is one of the noblest white wine grapes in the world. It can be vinified in a variety of ways and is capable of aging...well, maybe FOREVER!  Their prized vineyard is Clos Saint Jacques. With vines more than 70 years old and low yields, the grapes have incredible concentration and depth. We selected the 2000 & 2016 Jasniéres Clos Saint Jacques. Both of these wines offer a kaleidoscope of flavors and experiences. The young one has more vibrant fruit and more intense acidity while the older has more texture yet is incredibly fresh despite some mature notes. Why not try them both?

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